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Congratulations to MVS Client Avery Sunshine on her VH1 and BET Acceptance!

You know when you hear an incredibly powerful gospel voice that just sends chills down your spin when you hear it? That voice belongs to the incredibly talented Avery Sunshine.

MVS has contributed to the success of Avery’s video “I Got Sunshine” to be in rotation with BET Centric, and VH1 Soul and are only growing in popularity and hype.

Avery’s music could be described as “feel-good” but it’s just so much more than that. It speaks to listeners and is honest in everything that they want to hear, whether it be dealing with an awful breakup, stressful days, and everything real in between. “I want people to get my music. I don’t want them to have to decipher some code in order to understand where I’m coming from,” says Avery.

Avery is seeing the results in her positive attitude and music with rotation of her videos and reviews from VH1 Soul, BET, Jet, The Washington Post, and USA Today, just to name a few.

Be sure to check out just how talented this ray of  Avery Sunshine is in in her growing success with “I Got Sunshine”

Featured Client: DeAndre Wright

Music Video Submissions.com has been getting an overwhelming amount of good news with client videos being featured on all the major networks!  Check out one of this week’s succes stories:
Earlier this month DeAndre Wright submitted her “Love Thing” video to MTV, BET and Vh1.  Less than two weeks later the video has already gotten accepted for placement on MTV.com and Vh1 Soul!
In a lane of her own, DeAndre Wright creates sonic expressions from the heart.  This native Texan has taken the unconventional route to stardom, “It hasn’t been easy but I’ve never wanted it to be. I’ve wanted to learn and grow, you know… really educate myself in the art of music and business.”
DeAndre Wright “Love Thing” 

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Featured Client: The Slakadeliqs ft. Justin Nozuka

The Slakadeliqs video  “Keep Breathing” ft. Justin Nozuka was accepted at MTVU and Vh1 Soul!

The talented group of musicians pulls inspiration from an eclectic group of musical influences.  Their song and video is the result of several years of experimenting, writing and defying the boundaries of musical genres.  The members include  Mike Olsen, Brandon Merenick, Ben Foran and Rich Brown. The music video was sent to us just a few weeks ago and  has already been accepted for  two of the major networks.  The group released their new 14-track album, “The Other Side of Tomorrow”  on January 17th and we are thrilled to see what a positive reaction it is getting! Be sure to check out their video and watch for The Slakadeliqs on Vh1 soul and MTVU!

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New videos accepted for rotation!

Two more artists have had their videos accepted for national network airplay. Says She’s Ms. Blat’s video for “Violent Nudity/Ha Ha Ha” has been accepted for mtvU and Audiomuzic’s “Feeling Good” has been accepted for mtvU and VH1 Soul! Click below to check out Says She’s Ms. Blat’s video!