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AKD & Deepstar – Land on MTV UK

The MC/Producer collaboration of AKD & Deepstar have been accepted for submission to MTV UK for their music video, “No Mercy” featuring AG. The duo have always looked to capture the gritty feel of New York 90’s Hip Hop through their music, and the “No Mercy” video even further embraces this aesthetic. With classic images of the skyline and notable city landmarks, AKD and Deepstar were able to successfully re-capture a golden age for Hip-Hop.

The video’s success has landed them a spot on MTV UK, Viacom’s largest Network distributor in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The video for “No Mercy” can be viewed on the link down below. For the chance a chance to receive the same opportunities as this up and coming hip-hop partnership, submit your video through Music Video Submissions today!

Two MVS Artists in MTV-U Freshmen Contest!

MVS is proud to share that not one but TWO of our clients have been selected as contestants in the MTV-U Freshman Music Video Contest!

Mandee Mone’t is a Bronx-born, New York City native with lyrical and vocal prowess reminiscent of Alicia Keyes in her organic R&B heyday. Drawing inspiration from real life heartbreaks and social issues relevant to young women all over America, Mone’t sings and writes from an intimate place. Her video for “Messin Wit Us” explores the hardships one young couple have to work to stay together.

The Decoration is an Australian twee-pop duo made up of Jake Bosci and Rhian Thomas. Heartfelt lyrics layered over shimmery pop melodies and playful vocal chants, these two definitely solidify their place as talented musicians in the indie pop world. In their video “There With You”, the two long to be with their someone while simultaneously completely breaking our hearts with their adorable faces.

Congratulations to both Madee Mone’t and The Decoration! Voting ends Friday July 12th 2PM EST, so be sure to cast your vote before then! And tune into MTV-U now to watch both videos currently receiving airplay.



So, you have checked out the Music Video Submissions client section, and you have seen artists videos, such as The Composure, Moka Only, and Cusses getting added to mtvU. Now you ask yourself, this sounds pretty cool, but how do I get my video added to mtvU? If you have a good quality video that you think has the potential, Music Video Submissions is your answer.

Through a simple a DIY style format, you can submit your music video to mtvU, along with over 30 different television networks. After you’ve done all the hard work of producing your video, you can feel confident knowing that you can submit music videos and they will be viewed by all the decision makers at each of the networks. While we don’t guarantee that your video will get air play at every network you submit it to, we give you the best possible chance. Every video that is submitted to the major networks through MVS will be viewed, considered and given feedback either way.

MTVU is a division of Viacom’s MTV Networks which produces a 24-hour television channel that is available on more than 750 college and university campuses across the United States, as well as several digital cable packages. It provides a more targeted alternative to MTV, and gives advertisers and music promotion companies access to college-age viewers, access that universities offer in an attempt to attract students to on-campus housing. The music played on the station is primarily indie rock, pop punk and hip-hop.

Do you think your video has what it takes to get added to mtvU, or over 30 other different networks? Submit through Music Video Submissions today!
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