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Featured Client: Los Matatanes

Check out Los Matatanes’  “Tu and Yo” video, getting lots of Latin network pick ups since we’ve submitted it!  The video was distributed to some of the Latin and South American networks using our “Submit a Latin Video”  form. We’ve just gotten word that the video has been accepted for programming at MTV Tr3s and Music Choice.

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Featured Client: Oniel Anubis

Featured client, Oniel Anubis submitted his video “Si Mañana Nunca Llega” back in December using our Latin form.  The video has gotten a great response from Mun2, who have chosen to to use the video in their upcoming programming. Mun2 is a national cable television network in the United States. The programming of Mun2 is primarily music videos and shows designed for young Latino viewers.  Unlike some of the other Latin networks we offer,  a large segment of Mun2’s programming is in English. Therefor, videos submitted to Mun2 don’t have to be in Spanish but should appeal to the Latin demographic.

Oniel Anubis is an independent artist currently working under his own independent Label where he produces his own music and videos. “Si Mañana Nunca Llega” was his first single and music video that has reached great success with 87,000 hits on Youtube since January 1st. For any more info, you can find Oniel Anubis at: onielanubis.com or his artist page at facebook.com/onielanubis

Check out the “Si Mañana Nunca Llega” video here and watch for it on Mun2!

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