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Congrats to State Champs Winning the mtvU Freshmen Competition!

For those who don’t know who State Champs are just yet, they’re from Albany, New York, with a ton of buzz around them as of lately. State Champs have most recently been featured on Alternative Press and Rock Sound, with the album streaming on both sites. State Champs displays their perfect blend of Pop Punk and rock on their newest, The Finer Things, being released October 8th.

With the help of MVS, State Champs’ latest single & video release “Hard To Please” was one of five videos voted the most by fans & won the mtvU Freshmen competition, it will be added to full rotation on the channel! Congrats!

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Check out there video now on MTV.com

New Music Videos Accepted for Much Music

The results are in for videos accepted to Much Music, a Canadian network dedicated to popular culture, celebrities, and the hottest music videos.  As a competitor of popular music-based network MTV, Much Music is the perfect destination to reach Canadian music fans because the network reaches over 8.6 million homes across Canada.  One video that was accepted for Much Music came from hip-hop duo The Antiheroes for “The Rebels (Listen Up)” feat. rapper D-Sisive.  The video featuring the Toronto natives has already garnered over 10,000 views on YouTube and the number is definitely expected to grow.  “Ship and the Globe” by MVS client Kae Sun was also accepted for Much Music.  The singer’s folky hip-hop is definitely worth listening to and Much Music viewers are sure to enjoy.  Check out these videos below and submit your music videos, too!

The Antiheroes – “The Rebels (Listen Up)”

Kae Sun – “Ship and the Globe”

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Al Green is Using Musicvideosubmissions.com!

We are excited to be working with the multi-platinum artist, Al Green.  Lamorris Williams of Rocks Landon Entertainment and Al Green partnered up on their latest video, “You Make Me Happy”.   They’ve used our digital music video distribution service to submit the video to some of the major networks and to our retail distribution. We are looking forward to see what kind of feedback and placement the video gets.

Video Coming Soon…

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New Videos Programmed at Retail Locations

MVS clients continue to have great success with our retail submission.  The retail package allows artists to submit a music video to programming pools which distribute to thousands of closed circuit retail televisions. As a result, our clients and their fans have seen their videos playing in places like Macys, Nordstrom, Foot Locker, JCPenny, Bobs, Victoria’s Secret, Fitness Clubs, Bars and Hotels! Because there are so many participating stores, restaurants and hotel chains; this is a valuable music video distribution tool for artists to reach thousands of viewers all over the country.

Check out some of this week’s videos that have been accepted for retail placement:

D.O. aka Defy the Odds “It’s On feat. Chad Hatcher” – Programmed for Burger King, Downtown Locker Room, Shoe City

Keize “Mad At’Cha feat. Doza” – Programmed for Foot Locker and Metro PCS for July

Joseph Gomez – “Just You (Can Have My Love) Programmed at Bob’s Stores, Fitness Zone, JCPenny, Macy’s JR. Department

Eri On “Hear What I’m Saying” – Programmed for Burger Kings, Downtown Locker Room, Shoe City and Club/DJ reels

Lachi “Bug Out” – Programmed at over 100 Underground Station Shoe Stores

Fahad Ahmad “Love Save Us Now” – Programmed at 15 City Furniture stores

– Programmed for over 270 VJ Pro Dance locations including bars, night clubs, bowling alleys and DJ reels

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6 Music Video Marketing Tips

So you’ve gone through all the efforts and money of creating a great music video.  But that’s just the beginning.   The most important part is generating viewers, fans and money!  Here are a few things to keep in mind when marketing your music video.
  1. Make Quality Music– This may sound pretty obvious, but in a day and age when anyone can create music on their macbook and become a star on youtube, it’s important to create unique and quality music. Make sure to perfect the sound before adding all the glam and production of a music video.
  2. Understand Your Market – Investigate who it is that would be interested in your music. Where are they? How old are they? Where do they shop? What websites do they visit? What tv channels/programs do they watch? Once you have identified your market, set goals and apply a strategy.
  3. Evaluate your budget- Establish budgets and goals from the start. Then determine what marketing/advertising or PR services are within that budget. Remember the most expensive products and services aren’t always the most effective.
  4. Release a single- Since the rise of online downloading, particularly iTunes, singles have made a comeback in popularity.  Also, singles have become very collectable especially in the indie market. Releasing a “limited edition” single or E.P.  may be a good way good way to create some prestige around a song or video.
  5. Consider a Viral YouTube Campaign – Unfortunately, videos with small view counts on YouTube tend to be immediately disregarded so don’t let your video hang around on YouTube with little to no views.  This could be a red flag  for record labels or programmers that the video is not captivating viewers/listeners.  With new videos being uploaded more than every second, it’s a long shot that your video will go viral on it’s own.  Kick starting a campaign with a mix of targeted and un-targeted views can help your video get noticed quickly and create tons of organic traffic.
  6. Don’t be obnoxious: Put yourself in the seat of your fans or potential fans. What would you do if a friend called you up screaming into the phone Watch My Video! LIKE my video” (HANG UP).  You’d probably think it was rude and obnoxious and not watch the video.  But let’s face it, that’s the type of message many musicians give to the fans via social media or direct mail. Start paying attention to clever and engaging messages that get your attention and try a similar approach with your audience.
Check out the tutorial on submitting your video to MTV, Vh1, Fuse, Music Choice, BET, MTV Jams and More!