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Featured Client: A+ Dropouts “On Your Own”

Artist: A+ Dropouts   Video: “On Your Own”

Accepted for MTV.com
Accepted for Music Choice for use in On Demand Kidz folder
Accepted for MuchMusic, put into heavy rotation on Juicebox (MuchMusic’s kids channel)

A+ Dropouts “On Your Own” Accepted for Heavy Rotation!

Music Video Submission’s artist, A+ Dropouts are scoring big with their latest video for “On Your Own”.   The video has been accepted  by MTV.com, Music Choice, and put into heavy rotation for Much Music’s Juicebox (The network’s kid channel).  Congrats A+ Dropouts!

The young teen band are not, in fact, dropouts.  But, when they are not in school they are spending a lot of time rocking out.   MVS expects to see continued placement and exposure for A+ Dropouts!

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