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B.o.B’s Quadruple play on MTV Jams!

B.o.B’s Quadruple play!

We are always happy to work with rap sensation B.o.B as we celebrate his recent acceptance to MTV Jams for not only one, not two but four new hit singles that we edited, closed captioned and delivered from his new mixtape No Genre 2. B.o.B’s songs Get RightLambo ft. Kevin Gates & Jake Lambo, The Nation ft. Jake Lambo, and So What ft. Mila J were all accepted to MTV Jams. We are excited to announce that The Nation was accepted to MTV-U as well. With his unique lyrics and tone, B.o.B has been on fire and continuously a selling hit among all music fans.

Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. better known by his stage name B.o.B is dropping four different music videos simultaneously from his No Genre 2 mixtape.  After the success of the No Genre mixtape back in 2010, he’s grabbed some label mates to appear with like T.I., Kevin Gates and Ty Dolla Sign.  If your looking for B.o.B he is currently on tour with Mayor Coalz and Party Girl, and concluding with Music Midtown Festival in Georgia.  Congrats B.o.B! We will be anxiously glued to the TV, awaiting your videos!

Check out all four of B.o.B’s new Videos coming soon to MTV Jams and MTV-U! 
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Una Jensen’s “The Way It Goes” on MTV-U and MuchMusic!

We are excited to announce that teenage punk rocker Una Jensen is two for two having been accepted at two networks so far, MuchMusic & MTV-U for her hit single “The Way It Goes.”  Una Jenson has been discovered and mentored by founding member of ‘N Sync, Chris Kirpatrick. This unique singer and songwriter has performed on The Daily Buzz, at SXSW 2013, and toured with The Honor Society.

At just 17-years-old, Una Jensen has been featured in Alternative Press, Absolute Punk, NKD Magazine, Property of Zack, and more. We cannot wait to see what Una Jensen comes out with next! You can check out her video here!

MTV likes Sa-Roc’s New Video and So Do We!

Catch Sa-Roc’s latest Video “The Who?” featuring David Banner On MTV Jams and MTV U!

We are excited to announce that rebel raised rapper Sa-Roc was accepted for programming with MTV-U and MTV Jams with her video “The Who” ft. David Banner. Hailing from Washington DC, where poverty is high and cultural preservation is higher, Sa-Roc’s musical mentality has shown to rise above the prior misfortunes. Sa-Roc’s video is set in a classroom where her and David Banner rap about the adversity in history.

With influences like Jimi Hendrix, Gil Scott Heron, and Earth,Wind & Fire, no wonder why she’s a spitfire lyricist. Sa-Roc has a fresh new style mixed with hood poetry and otherworldly. She uses her fierce words to purge her aggression,  demonstrating her strong literary background.  We can’t wait to see what Sa-Roc has in store for us next!

Check out Sa-Roc’s “The Who?” featuring David Banner!

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J.Cole Takes Over MTV

J.Cole Takes over MTV

Do you see a J.Cole video on every time you turn on the TV? That’s probably because we submitted not one, not two, but three, J. Cole videos for MTV! With the airing of videos for “Lights Please”, “Lost Ones”, and “Simba” , J. Cole is clearly all warmed up.  After closed captioning and cleaning up any explicit video content, we are happy to report the track “Lights Please’ is currently in Heavy Rotation on MTV Jams receiving 50-55 plays per week, and is also airing on MTV2.  All three videos bring each storyline to life, playing off the vivid picture his lyrics portray.

With Cole World being such a success, J.Cole is back with Born Sinner, which is produced entirely by him and available now. He ditched the studio for this album to return back to his bedroom where his creative mindflow is at its best, as we seen on previous mixtapes. Born Sinner is filled with inspiration from his early influences and dreams of becoming an NBA star. Currently, J.cole can be found on his second annual Dollar & A Dream Tour.  Congrats J. Cole, looks like your “Cole World” is really heating up!

Be sure to check out J.Cole’s videos on Mtv and Mtv2. Join him and submit your video to VYDIA today!

J.Cole “Lights Please” :

AKD & Deepstar – Land on MTV UK

The MC/Producer collaboration of AKD & Deepstar have been accepted for submission to MTV UK for their music video, “No Mercy” featuring AG. The duo have always looked to capture the gritty feel of New York 90’s Hip Hop through their music, and the “No Mercy” video even further embraces this aesthetic. With classic images of the skyline and notable city landmarks, AKD and Deepstar were able to successfully re-capture a golden age for Hip-Hop.

The video’s success has landed them a spot on MTV UK, Viacom’s largest Network distributor in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The video for “No Mercy” can be viewed on the link down below. For the chance a chance to receive the same opportunities as this up and coming hip-hop partnership, submit your video through Music Video Submissions today!

Big Data = Big Success! MTV, REVOLT, MusicChoice, HAVOC

The Rochester based Electronic duo, Big Data, have been accepted for programming at MTV Hits, REVOLT TV, MusicChoice and Havoc TV for their eccentrically gory music video, “Dangerous.” With a known reputation for including anti-technology themes in their music, Big Data’s latest video takes a rather vocal stance on issues of advertising propaganda and desensitization to violence.

“Dangerous” debuted at #35 this week on modern rock radio for stations including KROQ, Live 105, and Alt Nation. Additionally, the song has been sync’d by major media outlets and corporations including the NFL, ESPN, CBS, ABC, and the recently released Veronica Mars movie. For a chance to be exposed to the same opportunities that Big Data have received, submit your video through MVS today and be sure to check out the new “Dangerous” music video below!

Two MVS Artists in MTV-U Freshmen Contest!

MVS is proud to share that not one but TWO of our clients have been selected as contestants in the MTV-U Freshman Music Video Contest!

Mandee Mone’t is a Bronx-born, New York City native with lyrical and vocal prowess reminiscent of Alicia Keyes in her organic R&B heyday. Drawing inspiration from real life heartbreaks and social issues relevant to young women all over America, Mone’t sings and writes from an intimate place. Her video for “Messin Wit Us” explores the hardships one young couple have to work to stay together.

The Decoration is an Australian twee-pop duo made up of Jake Bosci and Rhian Thomas. Heartfelt lyrics layered over shimmery pop melodies and playful vocal chants, these two definitely solidify their place as talented musicians in the indie pop world. In their video “There With You”, the two long to be with their someone while simultaneously completely breaking our hearts with their adorable faces.

Congratulations to both Madee Mone’t and The Decoration! Voting ends Friday July 12th 2PM EST, so be sure to cast your vote before then! And tune into MTV-U now to watch both videos currently receiving airplay.


T.I., B.o.B. & Kendrick Lamar Using MVS

Every week MVS feature countless artists who have had success on major networks using Music Video Submissions. (Just check out our client list!) Well now even major label recording artists are using Music Video Submissions to get their music videos to MTV and BET! Rapper (and current MVS client), T.I. recently collaborated with hip hop artists B.O.B. and Kendrick Lamar on a new single entitled “Memories Back Then”. The song also features Grammy Nominated singer/songwriter Kris Stephens. T.I. and the gang took to the Cali beaches to shoot the video which will be released soon. MVS is delivering the video to the networks and hoping it is a huge hit!

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with us, MVS is your one-stop music video distribution company. Music Video Submissions offers distribution to all the major music video networks in The United States, Canada, Latin America and The Caribbean. From providing the closed captioning service to submitting the video, Music Video Submissions can help you with all your music video distribution needs. There are lots of major networks that you can submit your video to including MTV, VH1, BET, Music Choice and more! After you’ve done all the hard work of producing your video, you can feel confident knowing that Music Video Submissions will submit your music videos to the networks of your choice. Although this does not gaurentee placement, we do assure you that your video will be viewed by all the decision makers at each of the networks and given feedback.

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Great news for MVS client The Story So Far! This West Coast pop punk band was accepted to mtvU for their music video “Empty Space” after submitting it to Music Video Submissions! This is great news for The Story So Far, especially during the first few weeks of their newly released album What You Don’t See. You can find this single off the album and available for purchase on iTunes here.

MtvU targets college students all across the country! It has been available to over 750 colleges and universities across the US, and many artists along with music video promotion companies are utilizing mtvU to help target that demographic of listeners. This 24 hour station also provides access to college-age viewers opportunities like casting calls, mtvU grants, collegiate shows and article topics.

Just in case you haven’t heard of The Story So Far, here’s a quick bio. Based in Walnut Creek, California, the band formed in 2007 and has since developed a rapid following. The band debuted their first album Under Soil and Drifts in 2011 after their successful releases of two EPs and two splits with bands Maker and Morgan Foster. On their way to bigger and better things, The Story So Far has just released their second full length album What You Don’t See, which sold 13, 500 in the first week, ranking them #46 on Billboard Charts. They made the 2013 cover of underground music magazine Alternative Press and have been  featured in  Substream, Alt Press, Rock Sound, Kerrang, Big Cheese, Absolute Punk, Punknews.org.

Check out the video for “Empty Space”!!

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MVS clients have been having so much success with major music video networks that we decided to feature some of these artists with a one on one interview and ask them about their success with Music Video Submissions. This week, MVS got to chat one on one with Devvon Terrell to talk about his overwhelming success on mtvU, BET, and Music Choice with his music video  for “My Senses” and whats next for this Pop/R&B sensation!

MVS: Tell us a little bit about yourself Devvon, how long have you been making music?

Devvon: Ive been singing since I was 7 years old but I’d definitely say the studio came into play when I was in high school. I was in a group with 2 rappers and one singer… Did I mention that I was only 4 feet tall back then lol.

MVS: When the process comes about, what comes first, the lyrics or the beats?

Devvon: Honestly, the beat always drives the emotion for me, but sometimes a phrase or concept just opens up everything. In that case, I pull out the piano and build. As far as lyrics, I don’t write anything down anymore. I found it easier to go right into the booth and start singing. More natural and in the moment.

MVS: What is the scene like in Brooklyn, NY?

Devvon: Brooklyn is a weird place lol. On one side of the street you’ll see hipsters in small cafes and then the other side street kids outside project buildings on skateboards. So you can imagine the music that comes from this place; its everywhere. I love it.

MVS: Now we must talk the video for “My Senses”, and it’s acceptance to major networks including mtvU, BET, and Music Choice. What were you feeling as you were finding out all of this good feedback?

Devvon: It was the greatest feeling in the world, because these networks are going to be brutally honest about your music and will say no without hesitation if they feel so. So for them to pick up the video was really a huge stamp in my career reassuring me that I was capable of reaching something of that stature.

MVS: These are three HUGE networks with completely diverse audiences, is that what you were ideally aiming for upon submitting?

Devvon: Actually it was my hidden agenda, I personally want to be the melting pot of music touching everything. So the three networks picking up the video was so ironic and liberating. I was definitely excited to see the video played across such a diverse audience.

MVS: Did people approach you saying they saw the video on tv?

Devvon: OHH MY GOSH the phone calls I got were hilarious. I had family in Florida thinking I was famous and forgot about them lol. The biggest one was my mom at a dinner party and her friends screamed and saw me on TV; she called me crying. That was major and I have MVS to thank for that seriously.

MVS: What’s next, any new videos coming up?

Devvon: Tons of new stuff coming debut mixtape House Of The Weirdos is coming in April. Im honestly planning to shoot a video for 75% of the music on there. So MVS will be hearing from me again very soon lol.

MVS: Where can fans access your music if they want to check you out?

Devvon: You can always find me on www.devvonterrell.com. There you can find my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook among other things. Facebook I love the most cause I get to interact with my fans heavily there.

MVS: Who are some of your influences?

Devvon: Wow, how about I say from Wolfgang Gartner to Swedish House Mafia to Maroon 5 to Neyo to Kanye West… Does that make any sense? lol

MVS: Do you have any advice to give artists who may be contemplating submitting their video through MVS?

Devvon: Do not hesitate to set a higher standard for independent artists around you by submitting to MVS. I promise when you tell your friends in school, neighborhood or any social circles that your video is on TV and in shopping malls they will look at you with a new respect. I know this cause it happened to me. I don’t mind anyone contacting me with questions regarding my submission. Ill make you a believer. lol

Thanks so much to MVS artist Devvon Terrell for giving us a glimpse into his world. Be sure to check out his video for “My Senses” below, and show him some love!

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