After 1.5 years and 6000 videos, we’ve outgrown our current site. Over the next couple weeks we’ll be migrating everything over to our new home, There you’ll be able to save releases, choose multiple upload methods, withdrawal money , collaborate with colleagues, and much more. If you’re visiting the site now and would like to participate in our beta, please go directly to For the next couple weeks, we’ll continue to receive orders through, but we do encourage you to use the new platform and enjoy all the amazing features we’ve worked so hard on creating..


MTV likes Sa-Roc’s New Video and So Do We!

Catch Sa-Roc’s latest Video “The Who?” featuring David Banner On MTV Jams and MTV U! We are excited to announce that rebel raised rapper Sa-Roc was accepted for programming with MTV-U and MTV Jams with her video “The Who” ft. David Banner. Hailing from Washington DC, where poverty is high and cultural preservation is higher, .. | Read More →

BRKF$T CLUB accepted for MTVU!

Check out BRKF$ST CLUB, the Chicago Based group from the collective (2008ighties) includes rappers Calez, Julian Malone, Fonz-E Mak, Legit, UG, Johnny St. Cloud and producer Sani. Their video “The Fellowship” was just accepted for programming on MTVU! Broadcast to more than 750 college campuses and via top cable distributors in 700 college communities nationwide, .. | Read More →

Vote for Frank Peters on MTV-U’s The Freshmen!

Exciting news! MVS client, Frank Peters “Bars”  video has been picked to air on MTVU’s The Freshmen this week! The show spotlights emerging artists on air and online, with the chance for one of the videos to get an automatic add into rotation on the channel the following week.  Fans can vote on these videos .. | Read More →

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