Music Distribution

music distribution

Use the music distribution form above to submit songs to thousands of retail locations (including high-end stores, fitness clubs, bars and restaurants. When looking to promote a single, artists often overlook the large market available in retail outlets. Whether it is hip hop, rap, R&B, rock, or country music promotion, Music Video Submissions can help target a nationwide audience by submitting a single to stores across the country. Your song will be sent to over fifty retail outlets, including Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria’s Secret, Foot Locker, Ceasar’s Resort and more, totaling over 6,000 individual locations across the United States. ¬†This ever increasing ¬†promotional tool has however, proven to be a great value with our clients and others. Your music will not only be able to transcend physical and online locations; it will also have the chance to appeal to a number of different targeted demographics.