FAQ-How to submit a music video

Q. What do I fill in for (insert field name here)?

A. Please check out our video tutorial. If that doesn’t help you, you can fill out our contact us form or use the live help feature (during regular business hours)

Q. I was going to ship a playable DVD to BET, MTV, etc. Can’t I just do that?

A. All the networks, including MTV, BET, Music Choice, and Mun2 require production quality, closed captioned masters. Some take digibetas or Beta SP’s and outhers, such as MTV, only take digital delivery through a qualified vendor with direct access to their system. This is the service we provide to you. We navigate all the complicated encodings, paperwork, and duplications to get it right to the decision makers.

Q. How will I know if my video gets accepted?

A. If your video is selected for airplay, you will be notified by the station directly. If you do not hear anything back after a period of time, you can email us to follow up on your behalf.

Q. Do I get confirmation on when my video has been delivered to each network?

A. Yes, we will provide proof of delivery to every network you request. We’ll also provide you with what date we expect you video to be reviewed.

Q. Does submitting a video guarantee airplay?

A. The service we’re offering is a streamlined way of submitting a video to the listed networks. In other words, we give you the ability to provide MTV, BET, Music Choice and others all the correct information, in the correct format. Prior to this service a record label would require the services of several different companies. Now, everything can be done with a single click, saving you both time and money. This doesn’t guarantee airplay, but we do guarantee to get your video to all the decision makers at these stations. At that point, the chance of it being aired are as good as your video and song.

Q. How long will it take my video to air if it’s accepted?

A. It is ultimately up to the network and each of the networks have different scheduling procedures. We send your video ready to air. So, it can air the day after you’ve been notified of acceptance or several weeks later. We submit all videos on behalf of the artist so, the artist can be contacted directly by the network.

Q. Why should I submit my video to retail outlets?

A. Each retailer represents a chain of outlets, displaying one or several televisions. For one low price, your video has the chance of reaching thousands of viewers. This is an excellent way to increase exposure and buzz and is often the starting point for bigger broadcast opportunities. Most of our clients have had great results with their retail submissions.

Q. Do networks or retail outlets pay me if my video airs?

A. The best way collect royalties is to register for an ISRC (International Standard Recording Code). If you already have one you can enter it on the application form. If not, this will not affect your chances of getting air play.

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