Additional Network Submissions-music video promotion

This page is for clients that have submitted a video to television networks with us before. Do NOT fill out if this is your first time using our service. VEVO is NOT considered a television network and this form should NOT be filled out if you have only done VEVO with us. Already submitted your video to a television network but would like to submit to additional outlets? Or if you’d like to submit your video for reconsideration, you’re in the right spot. We have your info and video on file. Resubmitting or adding new networks is an important part of the music video promotion process. A large part of programmers decision when selecting videos is based on the competition that week and the available programming hours.  Numerous videos have been resubmitted to networks for reconsideration and recieved programming.  Just use the short form below to select your desired distribution.  If this is your first time submitting a video please click here