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Have you ever wondered how to submit music videos to MTV, BET, MTV Jams, Fuse, Music Choice, Nickelodeon, Vh1 and more major networks?  Or, how to get your video on closed circuit televisions in food courts, fitness centers, and hundreds of retail locations? MusicVideoSubmissions.com  is your one-stop music video distribution company.

From providing the closed captioning service to placing your video online, on air, or on demand, MusicVideoSubmissions.com can help you with all your music video distribution needs .  The team at  Music Video Submissions have over 13 years of experience in music video promotion and marketing.  Owned and operated by parent company Trendsetter Media and Marketing, we’ve worked with all of the major record labels and many of today’s most well-known artists.  Musicvideosubmissions.com,  however, was developed to assist a broad range of artists especially the independent and smaller label musicians.  Our service is designed to work for all musical genres and for all budgets. The web-site is intended to aid musicians in exposure and revenue flow.  Through a simple a DIY style format, you can select from over 30 different television, online, on demand networks and retail outlets to submit music videos to.  After you’ve done all the hard work of producing your video, you can feel confident knowing that you can submit music videos and they will be viewed by all the decision makers at each of the networks.  While we don’t guarantee that your video will get air play at every network you submit it to, we give you the best possible chance.  Every video that is submitted to the major networks through MVS will be viewed, considered and given feedback either way.

In addition to the tools to submit music videos to television there are a variety of other services we offer as add-ons to help bring exposure to the artist and the video. From social network seeding to Vevo account set up, you can pick and choose which features fit your budget and needs.

DUPLICATION / CLOSED CAPTIONING & DMDS (Digital Media Distribution System):

After the completion of the video, this is the part most frequently overlooked. You made a great video and now you need to replicate it according to each shows individual programs standards and deliver it to them. Often this process can be complicated and costly. MusicVideoSubmissions.com does all the necessary duplication and closed captioning for your video. We create whatever tapes and/or files are needed to give you the best chance of getting airplay

MusicVideoSubmissions.com will also work with your director to get the files we need.

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