Samuel L Cool J on MTVU

Samuel L Cool J is heating up MTV U!!

What do we love most about the summer? The warm weather, the beach, letting the top down or all of the above? Well, obviously it’s all of the above, but nothing makes the summer complete like your summer soundtrack. We are are proud to announce that Samuel L Cool J has been accepted for programming on Mtv U with his latest music video for “Slip and Slide” just in time for the summer! This groovy tune has a beachy retro feel to it, perfect for a drive along the coast with the top down.

Hailing from Los Angeles and Phoenix, Samuel L Cool J consists of an all star cast of musicians from Gospel Claws, Through and Through Gospel Review, Ladylike, Wooden Indian, Programming Hiro and Mergence. These guys are sure to move you with their Motown feel.

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Check out their video:

Samuel L Cool J

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