J.Cole Takes Over MTV

J.Cole Takes over MTV

Do you see a J.Cole video on every time you turn on the TV? That’s probably because we submitted not one, not two, but three, J. Cole videos for MTV! With the airing of videos for “Lights Please”, “Lost Ones”, and “Simba” , J. Cole is clearly all warmed up.  After closed captioning and cleaning up any explicit video content, we are happy to report the track “Lights Please’ is currently in Heavy Rotation on MTV Jams receiving 50-55 plays per week, and is also airing on MTV2.  All three videos bring each storyline to life, playing off the vivid picture his lyrics portray.

With Cole World being such a success, J.Cole is back with Born Sinner, which is produced entirely by him and available now. He ditched the studio for this album to return back to his bedroom where his creative mindflow is at its best, as we seen on previous mixtapes. Born Sinner is filled with inspiration from his early influences and dreams of becoming an NBA star. Currently, J.cole can be found on his second annual Dollar & A Dream Tour.  Congrats J. Cole, looks like your “Cole World” is really heating up!

Be sure to check out J.Cole’s videos on Mtv and Mtv2. Join him and submit your video to VYDIA today!

J.Cole “Lights Please” :

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