AKD & Deepstar – Land on MTV UK

The MC/Producer collaboration of AKD & Deepstar have been accepted for submission to MTV UK for their music video, “No Mercy” featuring AG. The duo have always looked to capture the gritty feel of New York 90’s Hip Hop through their music, and the “No Mercy” video even further embraces this aesthetic. With classic images of the skyline and notable city landmarks, AKD and Deepstar were able to successfully re-capture a golden age for Hip-Hop.

The video’s success has landed them a spot on MTV UK, Viacom’s largest Network distributor in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The video for “No Mercy” can be viewed on the link down below. For the chance a chance to receive the same opportunities as this up and coming hip-hop partnership, submit your video through Music Video Submissions today!

Posted by: markgorman

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