Congratulations are certainly in order on the Music Video Submissions front this week! MVS has a ton of artists whose videos got accepted to MTVU and! MVS from providing the closed captioning service to placing your video online, on air, or on demand, can help you with all your music video distribution needs! Congratulations are in order to the following artistS:

Accepted for MTV U Freshmen Contest

Princeton – “This Is Hip Hop”

Stone Cold Fox – “Seventeen”

futuristic – “invitation”

Lyric Jones – “Reason Why”

Accepted for

Veronika “Ain’t Russian Doll”

Murph Law “Let’s Go Geek”

Stuntin ft. Pleasure P “Love You Down”

It’s so exciting to see so many of our deserving artists getting accepted to major networks. Just to provide a brief background on these networks, MTVU’s The Freshmen brings you five emerging artists each week from all genres. Synthpop, indie rock, hip hop, trip hop, edm, even pop, we’ve seen it all and welcome all comers. It’s the fans who will decide which artist gets into on-air rotation. MtvU targets college students around the country! The 24-hour station has been made available to over 750 colleges and universities across the US, and many artists along with music video promotion companies are using mtvU to help target that demographic of listeners. The network also provides access to college-age viewers, access that universities offer in an attempt to attract students to on-campus housing. MTV.COM allows you toWatch the latest Music Videos from your favorite music artists. Get up-to-date Celebrity and Music News.

This is so exciting for MVS and our artists, and congratulations to all of them on a HUGE acceptance week! So, do you think your video has what it takes to get added to major networks. Well, what are you waiting for? Submit today!!!
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