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Here’s a look at some of the recent artists who chose MVS to get their music videos online and on air.  Musicvideosubmissions artists’ videos are getting picked up for airplay everyday.  MVS clients span a variety of music genres and demographics. One thing that most of our clients have in common is the goal to get on mtv.  While MTV has limited music programming these days, they offer a host of other networks (MTVU, MTV Latin,, MTV Tr3s, MTV2) These outlets offer great programming opportunities for independent artists to distribute music videos online and on TV.  Take a look at some of the music videos that got accepted this week.

KILR “Crazzzy” ft. Ms Toi – Accepted for Music Choice
About the Band: KiLR (pronounced Ky-Ler) is a dance pop rock band, with a grungy edge, from Los Angeles, California. To access KiLR’s most recent recordings, visit and experience a group whose sound is a hybrid of The Offspring, Bruno Mars, and Motley Crue.

Fiorious “So Pretty” – Accepted for MTV Latin and
About the Artist: Fiorious is a Bronx-born Italian-American who quit his dayjob as a pop music journalist and returned to the motherland to make his own music, embracing his Euro roots without sacrificing his New York City soul.

Robert Nix “Walk Down The Street” – Accepted for
About the Artist: Robert Nix is an experimental rock/pop artist from Toronto, Canada and currently has 3 albums,

First Things First “Love Is For The ____” – Accepted for MTV-U’s Freshmen Competition
About the Band: Rising from the city of Brotherly Love’s fading music scene, First Things First has moved forward at a faster rate than any other band in the area with their influence dominating the social networks.

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